Anthropology 220, Field Archaeology, is designed to introduce students to the diverse methods archaeologists use to collect and interpret material evidence. Students who take this course will:

  • develop a basic understanding of the methods archaeologists use to find, sample, and collect data pertaining to materials and contexts.
  • gain first hand experience in excavating, shovel testing, handling archaeological materials, and completing paperwork in the field.
  • build skills in working with a team, following instructions, undertaking physical work, and executing tasks with care and precision.
  • understand the basic time periods used to discuss the past in Illinois and how archaeologists organize material types into groups pertaining to each period.
  • workshop skills in preparing one type of archaeological data for presentation (each student will complete a project that hones their skills in working with a particular data type of their choosing).


Submissions from 2017


Parkland Students Pioneer Local Archaeological Field School, EvyJo M. Compton


Anthropology 220: Field Archaeology, Erin Riggs


Parkland Students Excavate at Allerton Park!, Erin Riggs