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Spring 2022


For this project, I chose to investigate the (possibly differential) influence of one prominent contemporary religious institution the Catholic Church on the values and evaluations of the Church's moral credibility held by members of distinct generations. - Josiah It was through engaging in participant observation and conducting formal interviews that I gathered the bulk of my data. In addition to these, I held informal conversations with people exhibiting varying degrees of personal alignment with Catholic values; these conversations provided me with data that was qualitatively different from that gathered using the other two methods. While using participant observation to discover people's attitudes toward the issues I raised, I found that I had to adjust my initial head on approach in favor of a more organic one in order to set things in motion. - Josiah

For our own personal questions that we wished to investigate, I chose to delve into the topic of how older generations might have swayed younger ones in terms of religious beliefs and values. - Jeremiah


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