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Background: Laurie Matheson is the Editor-in-Chief at the University of Illinois Press. She is also the founder and artistic director of a new community choir called Prairie Voices. This amateur choir performs a varied repertoire of music from mostly the late nineteenth century through the present, including some new and commissioned works. Laurie's original direction was to develop "something simple and fresh, probably something that relies more on graphic content than color for its success."

Objective: During the initial interview and discussion, the client requested a logo that was warm, casual, sensitive and open. Although the group will have a mix of male and female singers, the image Laurie wanted to project was more feminine than masculine. Laurie also conveyed that she thought of Prairie Voices as more classic than trendy, more orderly than spontaneous.

Solution: Because we had a lmited budget to work with, we showed only six concepts to the client for discussion. In this case, we found it easier to create the digital "sketches" using Adobe Illustrator because variations and alternate designs were easier to generate. We focused on creating designs that projected a certain amount of professionalism, but still felt friendly and approachable. Once a black-and-white concept was approved, we started exploring color palettes. The final design chosen was one of the more abstract solutions we presented. The "loop" artwork suggested a feeling of openness but also visually conveyed vocal music by suggesting an open mouth. The entire process took about a month to complete.


Prairie Voices