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Client: Eduardo Diazmuñoz, Artistic Director and Conductor,
University of Illinois School of Music

Brief: Every year, the School of Music produces three operas
under the direction of Maestro Diazmuñoz. The season is
designed to offer opera fans a variety of flavors as well as to
attract potential new audiences. Eduardo wanted a series of
posters that distinguished each individual production, yet tied
the entire season together. In our initial meetings, Eduardo
explained that he saw opera as “love”: strong, potent and
passionate. We agreed that these posters should be bold,
colorful, simple and spicy.

Process: Although all graphic design work is produced digitally
these days, the design process itself does not always involve the
computer. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are great
visualization and production tools, but they are helpful only if the
designer starts with a strong concept. A typical project involves:

➊ Research: After determining the target audience and the
communication goals of the client, the designer needs to seek
inspiration. Research could mean anything from researching stock
images or listening to music or taking a walk in nature. Having an
open mind and a strong curiosity helps.
➋ Concepts: This is where ideas are born. The sketchbook is
often your best friend and pencil and paper are still the best
tools. Sometimes quick type tests are made using the computer.

➌ Execution: Only the best ideas are executed using the
computer. Often the art evolves during execution as variations
are explored. I prefer to show the client several ideas to choose from.

➍ Refinement: After receiving comments from the client,
the art is revised and refined for printing.


poster, posters, University of Illinois School of Music, Electric Pictures, Champaign, Illinois