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This report highlights the work accomplished in training a group of social science faculty in instructional design and participatory learning pedagogy to help them enhance and improve the global studies sections taught in their individual courses. The workshops and training imparted focused on helping these faculty incorporate current scholarship into their course materials from underrepresented world areas such as the European Union, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Russia. This project concluded with the addition of sample teaching materials and redesigned syllabi on global studies to Parkland College’s open access repository—SPARK. This collection of teaching resources—represented by sample assignments, rubrics, and faculty reflections—is meant to be a resource to other community college faculty, students, and scholars interested in globalization education. Material from last year’s cohort has been downloaded and viewed widely and the contributions created by this year’s participants is expected to continue to provide a resource for effective teaching and contribute to student success and retention. This project was successfully executed during the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019. The following pages detail the faculty training and professionalization process through a faculty academy practicum in the fall semester, and the benefits derived from the courses that were redesigned and taught in the following spring.



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