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REID IS LANDSLIDE VEEP VICTOR: MANDEL, PFAAB, HEDRON ALSO ASSUME OFFICE; Nutritional Labeling To Become Law Jan. 1; Boneyard Hassle May Be Nearing An End; New Debaters Impressive At Greenville; Vets' Benefits Slow In Arriving (Again); The Sky Is Falling, The Sky...; ISU Announces 18 Scholarships For Top JC Applicants; Bouncing Bob Bonanza; Support Grape Boycott; Christmas Is What You Make It; Saturday On The Mall In Words And Action-Packed Pictures; Keeping Our Share; The Short Circuit; The Strange Case Of Del Boyd; The Kaleidoscope; A Column By And For Women; True Happenings; essay; letters; Peace On Earth?; 'Silver Morning' Rankin's Return A Culmination; Share This One With A Friend; 'War Child' Return Of The Mutant Minstrel; Young Volunteers Here Working With The Aged; Blues At Ruby Gulch, Advice Well Taken; Rec Music Sponsors Christmas Singalong; Classified Ads; Ski Trip Leaves In Mid-January; Bank Offers PC License Plates; Student Association Rips State Pot Laws; Electronics Association Sponsors 'Ham' Giveaway; Cobra Offense "Improving"; PC Cagers 5-0; Intramural Basketball Scores; Lee Oswald - Killer or Patsy?; Schoolboy All-Stater Davidson Joins Cagers; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast





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Prospectus, December 18, 1974

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