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PC NEWS IN BRIEF: TOYS FOR TOTS, SHOPPING TRIP, KARATE, LOU HENSON, CHEERLEADERS, BIO 200; Hurry, 3 days remain; IKE…What?; Off Campus offering; P.C. Women 4th in State; editorial; Roots & Radicals; Far Out Planet; Letter To The Editor; Student Achievement Recognition Award; Some - Dancers?; Stick it in your...; P.M. Student Coffee Hour; Tickets Available; Aides to host tea For C-U Teachers; Introducing, Wes Crum; Distaff Side; 'Why can't we be friends?'; Dog Wash; EA to meet; First Meeting; Photo Contest; ERA Rally Held; (IBEA) Meeting Held; Good News; Louisiana Funk at its greatest; Purlie; Furor shakes up Stu-Go; Cited for misconduct: Three members suspended; Discord within Stu-Go: Conference under fire; Finance Board not doing job; Alternatives to Stu-Go; McMullen Resigns; Gameroom Brings Big money; Broken Record?; StuGo States Pinball Project Progresses; Skylines: Black holes?; Parkland Events; Students Not Fascists; Vinyl Love; "B" and "O" preforms; Country Bouquet: "The Grand Ole Opry"; Dear Bonnie; Classified; Moondogs demolish Wrecks; Fast Freddy's football forecast; I.M. Basketball starts today; Basketball schedule; Games of November 22; Coach's Corner; Parkland Athletes Earn International Acclaim; Karate Demo set for Nov. 20; Ken needs you; Sports Views; Blackhawks vs Broadstreet Bullies at Chicago Stadium





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Prospectus, November 18, 1975

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