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VACCINATIONS GIVEN: 580 RECEIVE SWINE FLU SHOTS; 8 cents asked for: Tax vote go-ahead given; Display case almost ready; Reid will leave: Stu-Go busy before break; PC news in brief: Christian booktable, Get away…, Possible Hawks-Flyers tickets, Parkland Sociological Association, Skiing anyone?; To the Students of Parkland College...; Letters to the editor: 'Be true', 'Toys for Tots' thanks, Letter of thanks, Will piano haul students from annex of learning?; 'No Vacancy' at Bethlehem Ho-Jo: New version of Nativity told; Washington clamps down: Vets must attend to collect benefits; Prospectus wins; Save yourself: Still time for 'W,' not 'F'; ALS courses available at Lab; It's 'sno trouble: Crew keeps campus clear; Apple Tree auditions through Thursday; Workshop-Tea Wed.; Mark Twain: Cast 'live' their characters; Students, teacher find that bird in hand no easy task; Krannert lists Dec.; Paxton hosts chamber music; West Springfield Avenue's new businesses attract Parkland students; Parkland College 1976-1977 Basketball Schedule; Cagers play seven games before Christmas; Chillbains?: Getting here - the hard way; Dotted landscape: Bugged by red beetles at PC; PC campus site is named CCDC award winner; Classifieds; Sports editorial: Moeller - the program he'll have to change; 1-2 for year: Cobras go against Olney tonight; Women's Basketball Schedule; Lake County new team: Women's first opponents 'unknown'





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Prospectus, December 7, 1976

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