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NEAL SAYS MIDTERM IMPORTANT; Electronics labs for visually impaired available soon at PC; One last chance: Pinball survey on Thursday; Nadia dances today; Communications guest: Trent stresses advertising sales; Scott-Madigan interviewed tonight on channel 17; ESLC needs help; Editorial: Gene McCarthy hiding 'Candidacy'; Advice from the Dean of Students: Attendance helps G.P.A.; PC News: Ski, Columbus, Elephants...; Letters to the editor; Rec, Health applicants must file; Bake sale space available; Special Opera in downtown mall Sat.; Funds raisers, events: PC Soc Club announces plans; Dad's Day concert is musical winner; Elvis comes to town: Presley 'Fits the curves'; is God Real Today?; PC leads Illinois colleges in facilities for disabled; Aids disabled students: 'Apollo' makes reading easy; Matthews shows new hair styles to PC students; WILL, WLRW to simulcast in stereo: 'The Musicmakers' begins new season Friday nights; Road Rallys begin; Uncle Bob: Uncle Bob ups the ante; Ten new movie houses to open in Chambana; EW & F tickets; Classifieds; Cobra's Corner: Goals set: Herb has new life, training; Sports editorial: National grid tourney proposed; 'Lincoln Land' is bowling leader; Faculty bowlers: "One" has Janice, Del, and Lynnette; F C Journal takes 2nd place; Know your athletes: Volleyball veteran pleased with PC; 4-0 for season: Spikers win 2 more, meet LLJC tonight; Intramurals: Touch football season opens; Jeff Scott wins 'Fast Freddy'; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Two PC Students are Babe Ruth Scholars; Games of October 9





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Prospectus, October 5, 1976

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