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PINS' COMING SOON; Gonzalez and Steffey ineligible: McCabe, Kirkpatrick elected; 25%-33%: Drop rate high; Stewart speaks to com 111 'I love the business'; Faculty plans '77-'78 curriculum; Letters to the editor: Pins still bouncing, Oops, We're waiting; Guest Editorial: Mellowspread does not mind campaign attack on "Mr. Big"; Student activities provides 'Driver exchange board'; Vandalizes and burns own car; Jesus Christ is alive and well: Hold everything!; Guest opinion: containers big waste; 'Antonia' on Thursday; PC news in brief: Game tourney, Joe Matthews, It's debatable, Scott to speak, Peanuts popcorn candy, IOC, Soc. Assoc. wake-up, Kirk elected president, Weight control seminar; United Way needs more than donations: Walker wants community help; Tau Epsilon gleans local corn fields; Head Start Follow-Up tutor program; Nadia will dance Oct. 5; Dear Bonnie; Prairie Festival; Burgoo treat of the day; Concert review: Basie Band swings, Williams sings; 'Birthday Party' opens tomorrow; Coral Reefers back him up: Buffet a hit at auditorium; Uncle Bob's review: Debate get you down?; Elvis tickets for concert sold out: Classifieds; Cobra's Corner: Abbey named USCSC games committee; First home volleyball game tonight; Mudrock 1st, Cobras 6th; Bob Zettler wins Fast Freddy; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Harriers bow to Illini JVs; Games of October 2





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Prospectus, September 28, 1976

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