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PC BOARD OF TRUSTEES OKS DEFICIT BUDGET; Anna Dearing of the LS testing lab: "I enjoy it"; Write-ins dominate election, 1st Stu-Go meeting tommorow; PC news in brief: Sociological Association, First Meeting, Yea team!!!, Need some help?, Basketball tryouts; Women's program sponsors : "Antonia"; Improve reading at PC; Letters to the editor: The pins, Again..., And again?..., Oh no! not again?..., Give a Schmidt!!!, Where are the sports?; Editorial: Students are consumers; Quad fest featured music, magic; Counselors comply with Title IX; Prairie Festival set for Sunday; Louise Parker: 'People are fun to watch'; Auditions today, tomorrow; Summer school in the Rockies; Drag races teach needed skills; 45 students attend: Marriott's Great America attracts Parkland field trip; Ike's opinion: Controversy continues: feedback on Dr. Richards; Uncle Bob: Slinging vegies is old tradition; Country crowd: Charlie and his fans; Mark Twain; Mediaseen: Carter and the media; Classifieds; Hoofers do 'extremely well' at UI; Women's volleyball schedule; Locks and Dam 26 is subject of Oct. 12 debate; Know your athletes: 'T' Square keeps on running to own beat; Ten men: C-C members listed; Cobra's Corner: Women's volleyball improves; Cross Country Schedule 1976; Golfers fourth in tourney; Lose your nose?; Know your athletes: Kathy Kaler prepares for teaching; Linton wins Fast Fred; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Games of September 25





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Prospectus, September 21, 1976

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