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5 CANDIDATES VIE FOR STU-GO OFFICES; Stu-Go candidates announce campaign platforms; PC news in brief: Basketball tryouts, Women's basketball, Karate Club, Soc. Students, Speech team; Madigan, Scott to debate on locks; Diagnostic scores found useful; Mondale to be here; Letters to the editor: Sorry Folks, Schools all wet, Tell me why, Everyday life, Editor's reply; Editor's reply: Guards not Stu-Go's fault!; PC sponsors restorative workshops; "Peer counselors" now available; ...and i'm sure that neither one of us is here; PC women's program: Four new courses open; Steve Fischer memorial fund established; Mediaseen: FCC to license Illinois stations; Grandmother, mother, and daughter: 'There is so much to learn'; your humble servant ...A. Lincoln; Clubs and Events: Choose your activities: dates announced; Auditions Sept. 21 and 22; Walk for Mankind route announced; Angel Street returns to Krannert; Uncle Bob's Revue: U of I begins theatrical season; Skylines: Autumnal Equinox: What it means to us; New series airs Saturday; Classifieds; Dr. Richard's story continues: What makes a man a woman?; Student defends Richard position; Know your athletes: Steve Parks: Every day is a full one; Cobra's Corner: Stu-Go fumbles in end zone; Bulls, Bucks to play at UI; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Games of September 18





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Prospectus, September 14, 1976

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