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CHAMPIONSHIPS BECKON P/C WINNING SPEAKERS; CBS' Edwards Commencement speaker: Schorr to speak here Mar. 29; Pre-registration set for Apr. 19-30; PC news in brief: Bicentennial Week Activities, Craft Festival Day, On-Going Activities; Letters to the Editor: Peoples' Forum; PC Board of Trustees Election set April 10; Vets Elect; Smith: 'Parkland has spoken'; Bunnies revolutionize Stu-Go; Parkland Observes 10th Anniversary; Fiddler, Singer perform; Exhibits, spinning to be shown; Craft festival Apr. 3 at P/C; Micro Tech comes to the rescue: Clock to tick again July 4; Commager campus appearance highlight of Bicentennial week; Talents of older people on exhibit; Student Government Calendar of Events; 2-day Health Fair on campus; Debaters take third; Recycle contest; Thanks; Skylines: Stellar Origin of Life; LRC reports on latest requests: no, yes, no....; Hands; Bookstore Bulletins; Country Bouquet; Audio-Visual Dept. offers study materials; Judge speaks April 6; April 1 Meeting; Award Letter; Under hypnosis, 'Bear' bares all; Classifieds; Cobra's Corner: Jim Reed, 'Class A' Coach for 5 seasons; Cobra's .500 after 8 games; Emmet Fairfield wins Bouncing Bob's Bonanza; Bouncing Bob's Basketball Bonanza; '24 oz.' win IM Basketball; IM Softball starts; Rooms provide needed P.E. space; 1st home game April 5th: Womens' softball begins





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Prospectus, March 25, 1976

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