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SWANBERG STILL MISSING: $600 FOR TOYS FOR TOTS ASKED; Health employment recruiting today; Forbes discusses art, sculpture; Preregister now; PC news in brief: Library open Dec. 18, See Chicago Bulls Nov. 30, Stereo Forum, Covenant Players appear Nov. 20, Table Tennis champ here today, I-72 extensions open today, Redford stars in 'Jeremiah Johnson'; Staff editorial: Campus pinball 'full-tilt' go-ahead urged; Preregistration avoids Jan. lines, missed classes; Letters to the editor: Population (course) increase recommended, Peorgie pops zit sales; Staff editorials: Two parties same as one?; Graphic arts student: $500 contest winner Palen almost didn't enter; Illinois dry all summer says State Water Survey; Women In America: HIStory is HER story, too; Forum: Leaders, minorities are ACU topics; London Philharmonic 'gorgeous'; Uncle Bob: Apple Tree needs musicians; At Channing-Murray: Rose Hip Band plays Fri., Sat.; Mediaseen: Parkland radio belongs to public, not students; Cobras spiker finish 3rd in state championship tourney; Veterans news: Uncle Sam tightens standards; Sign up to get out; Parkland Nocturne; Classifieds; Degrees in demand: Nursing filled to capacity; Oral Evaluation; Know your athletes: Lambdin 'Mr. I.M. Football' choice; K-Action I.M. champs; Faculty bowling: Bears almost trapped in loss; Karate I.M.'s?; Lockers must be renewed; Adams 'super' in nationals; Ferguson wins in tough week; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Games of November 20-21





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Prospectus, November 16, 1976

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