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ISVS CUT-BACKS?: PC VETERANS JOURNEY TO SPRINGFIELD; Board elections set for April 9; County Jail, Courthouse opened to public; 'Pins' successful But cause problems; Staff editorial: Parkland songbook just corruption, no secrets; Letter to the editor: Student pinball freak Urges their removal; Guest edititorial: Beware of News processors; BSA needs you 'bro', meets Tues. & Thur. 11; Graduation petitions Available at X-167; Letters cont.: English a 2nd language Meets at 3 Tues., X-150; Florida not all sun, oranges; Play postponed; Phi Alpha Chi officers Announced for '77-'78; 'Pyra-media' gets no Help from March winds; McKendree rep Here March 23 10-2; WPCD on air Spring sem. 78; End season 21-2: Tough competition greet women at Kansas; Long way to come For Illinois: Trout; Triple review: Fitzgerald creatres euphoria at Drury Ln.; PC Visual Arts town built from cardboard Best we've had: IGA; Krannert Center events listed; Classifieds; Sports editorial: H. School tourneys 'memorable'; Indoor track: McCulley takes third, Cobras end season; Softball try-outs held this week; 1977 Outdoor Track Schedule; Baseball team finishes Southern trip at 4-2; Parkland Baseball Schedule





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Prospectus, March 22, 1977



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