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NEWS IN BRIEF: HIGH SCHOOLERS HERE, FACULTY WIVES GIVE SCHOLARSHIP, SHOPPING TRIP SET FOR DECEMBER 3RD, CHI DISCUSSION ON WEIGHT CONTROL; Parkland Events; Fireworks fly at Stu-Go meet; Letters to the editor: ORT's explained, Pigeons praised; Pleas for PLATO: 'a blessing for students', 'strongly urge retention, 'have a heart', 'negative through waves', 'like throwing out books'; Louse epidemic in local schools; Advertising Policy; Peer pressure, low income cited: Blacks are still not college bound today; Scholar refutes Malthusian scientific racism theories; Area juvenile offenders get bigger breaks now; Bus Stop: a refreshing bit of American at Krannert; Women are arrested during clash between police and striking miners; Women sponsor child-rearing free workshop; Health Dept. probes cancer causing drug; Women's balloon altitude mark set; United Airlines recruit engineers; Prizes, scholarships for film making students; Halloween Day: Every gorilla shall have his day; At Sullivan's Little Theatre: Opening night of Vanities a delight; Tykociner '78 speaker selected; Pig heart valves are saving lives; A very good year: Oh, the passions for a '57 Chevrolet; Russian poet at UI; Open House; Ragtime rhythms exhilirate Caramia's Krannert crowd; Classifieds; Conference leads split as football enters final weeks; Lincoln Trail wins jr. college gold tournament; Bring on Woody!! Illini loss is fooler; Women's regional volleyball tourney here this weekend; Kraft Werk upsets IM football favorites, 12-0; Fast Freddy; A review: Air pockets mar new courts





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Prospectus, November 2, 1977



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