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LESS THAN 3% UNEMPLOYED: COMMUNITY COLLEGE GRADS IN FINE COMPANY; ICCB nixes state budget; Snow days used: now what?; Letters to the editor: Beating a dead cow: Kudos from the U…, Carbon monoxide…The sweet smell of death?; 'Greening of Women's Studies' is topic of Midwest conference; Some good ideas? The LRC wants them; Many 'how-to' courses start of U of I 'Y'; Parkland College News in brief: Candadian coins confuse machines, CHI has answers to depression, Bradley U. delegate visits Parkland today, Long Living program offers activities for the aged this month, Sign up to save now; Cold hands, warm hearts is even true of Parkland's winter drivers; Mainstreaming disabled kids into regular schools; Man-made clouds may create ★&/! weather; 1977 was not your imagination; 10 tips to Keep kids from slip-sliding away; Musings on money, bee-stings & Radio City Music Hall; Spring play tryouts next week; Students aid in Dental Health Week; Bob confesses error, three win the fins; Bouncing Bob Basketball Bonanza; What's all the fuss about metric?; Protein-free diet discovery: PKU child's chances can grow; Woolfork, Berry, Kirby, Rucks...pow!!; Tracksters take third in Chicago meet, three Cobras post personal records; Long live the A(A)BA!; Classifieds; Lose to EIU JV's in OT: Women's streak stalled at seven; Cobras & Kim: mutual admiration society; This week's box scores





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Prospectus, February 8, 1978



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