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SCHEDULE CONFLICT CANCELS PARKLAND APPEARANCE: SECRETARY OF STATE JIM EDGAR OFFERS VIEWS ON PROBLEMS AND D.W.I. LAW CHANGES; News In Brief; New D.W.I. law explained in detail; Heavy snows cost college $27,500 for salt, help; Letters To The Editor: New vice-president voices opinons, Dean says thanks, Student Government; StuGo votes yes on TV; State police design PFR program; Ripley receives Yaxley award; P.C. Happenings...: Exhibit features sculptures, Camerata to perform concert, Panel discusses adoption, Learn to handle stress, Pick up first aid cards, PACT presents 'Coping with Miscarriage'; Smile, children!: S.A.D.H.A. to celebrate dental health with activities; Counseling Center provides help; Need help with tax returns?; 41 schools display artwork in show; Crabs need love, too; Pittsburgh comes to Champaign; Pat Larson: buoyant leader; Melting show causes erosion; I wish I may, I wish I might...: Students view starry sky; Disabled people no longer shut off from using PLATO; Irving's latest: rehash of 'Garp'; ODW doesn't fulfill crowd expectation; Classifieds; Speaker to discuss diagnosing; Oscar contender a 'no-miss' movie; Now's your chance to pick film favorites; Tom Jones to perform in March; Jam trio's latest has more meaning; Ozzy tickets refunded; Cobras end season with another win; Lady Cobras undefeated, rolling on trail of success





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Prospectus, February 24, 1982



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