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Spring 2016


In our research we wanted to look at the comparison in strength between males and females in weight training. In recent research, we were able to look at sex stereotypes when considering sport and exercise. A particular study stated that, “… sport is still viewed as a “male area” in western countries, and recent reports indicate that boys/men still participate more in sports, compared to girls/women” (Boiche 1). So, we took three males and three females from Parkland College to test our hypothesis. Before beginning our research, our hypothesis was that males would be higher in all categories. In other research testing sit-ups and push-ups with male and female subjects, we were able to see that, “… when designing training programs for women strengthening exercises for the upper body” (Augustsson 1). The research population would be our male and female subjects ranging from moderate to athletic subgroups, between the ages of 20 and 30. The materials that we used were gym machines, such as, bench press, leg press, etc. The methods used were to test our hypothesis by comparing leg press and bench press max, alongside crunches and leg lifts to fatigue.


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