SPARK aims to:

  • Showcase the scholarly and creative work of Parkland students, faculty, administration and staff by making it visible and accessible to everyone in our College, our local community, and the larger global academic community.
  • Connect Parkland College to the greater movement of the scholarship of teaching and learning. By allowing our campus and community to see our scholarly and creative work, learn from past projects, and study a historical record and reflection, we facilitate the growth of scholarly and creative work in our campus and community.
  • Foster collaborations between faculty and students as well as between colleagues within and across disciplines.
  • Enhance Parkland College's mission of engaging the community in learning.

SPARK is a collaborative project of the Parkland College Library and the Department of Professional Development and Instructional Technology. Amanda Avery is the repository administrator. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at: spark[at] or call (217) 373-3839. We encourage you to send us your ideas for materials to be contributed.