Publication Date

Fall 2014

Faculty Supervisor

Sarah Grison


Today’s college students suffer from sleep deprivation, which is affected by many factors such as academics and work. Research has shown that sleep deprivation has contributed to poorer academic ability and job performance. I have performed a case study on myself in a 17-day span to discover what factors affect my daytime tiredness and stress as a college student and hypothesized that academics and hours worked had a strong relation to my daytime tiredness and my level of stress. Results showed that rather the quality of my sleep impacted my level of tiredness and stress. More research indicated that there are several factors that affect a student’s quality of sleep and that there were many ways to improve their quality of sleep including decreasing riskier behaviors like drinking and partying. At the end of my study, I found my hypothesis to be incorrect. The quality of sleep was the major factor that affected my daytime tiredness and stress level. Further research and studies to discover what could help my quality of sleep would be beneficial in helping me reduce my daytime tiredness and overall level of stress.


Psychology 101


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