Publication Date

Spring 2015

Faculty Supervisor

Julie Angel


Fissures are cracks in the earth that form from stretching and pull-apart of geologic materials near earth’s surface. They generally form in areas that experience frequent earthquake and volcanic activity; areas with active tectonics. Recently discovered fissures in Arizona are different, as they form from pumping of subsurface gas and water resources. In the UK, similar but also slightly different processes are happening. In this region, instability causes more rapid and more frequent fissure formation due to more active tectonic processes. Therefore, fissures in the UK are a more common occurrence than those in Arizona. Fissures in both locations are currently a nuisance, but may pose more serious threats to infrastructure in the near future. This discussion will focus on potential fissure threats and possible solutions for remediation.


Earth Science 102


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Related presentation slides presented at Natural Science Poster Session, Spring 2015.

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