Publication Date

Fall 2015

Faculty Supervisor

Julie Angel


Destructive, deadly, and able to uproot and ruin lives, yet awe inspiring and a supportive platform for the growth of a wide range of organic entities. Volcanoes are a powerful force of nature that intrigue many but at the same time are widely misunderstood. These impressive structures can be formed in a variety of different ways and there are even factors that affect the explosive properties of magma. Why do the Hawaiian Islands seem to be ever-expanding? Is the volcanic arc of the Pacific Northwest region still active? What makes the lava of some volcanoes flow out like a burning red hissing and incredibly fluid river while others ooze down their path, and still others exist in an explosive fashion, a deadly firework show leaving behind rock and ash? In comparing the Hawaiian volcanoes and the cascade volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, much can be uncovered and answered about the magnificent volcanoes.


Earth Science 103


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