Miles McAvoy

Publication Date

Spring 2016

Faculty Supervisor

Thomas Schnarre


Within the last four decades, small town family farms have given way to industrialized farming practices. Laying the foundation for a perpetually growing industry that confines and condemns livestock of all kinds to unethical atrocities unparalleled in our history while simultaneously victimizing all of humanity, ignorant and educated alike, to a future of seemingly unavoidable consequences. Our generations of many are now unjustly burdened by the actions of a few who’ve unfairly deemed the unregulated industry of confined animal feeding operations justifiable and an appropriate response to our expanding populous. Our groundwater is perpetually polluted at a rate of 1.3 trillion tons of manure every minute (USDA), amassing enormous unregulated fertilizer cesspools, which inadvertently pollute the local air and drain into our groundwater, rivers, and eventually the ocean coastlines. The plight of our graceful oceans are no more tragic than the inspiring rainforests that are being carelessly burned and bulldozed with no regards to the essential resources our civilization will ultimately need. Humanity need not think too far into its ill-fated future, for if our industry of carnivorous consumption is not rectified and reconstructed in its entirety, our climate’s toxic condition will continue to deteriorate our environment into an uninhabitable condition. Our public’s knowledge in regards to the all-encompassing effects that intensive animal farming has fated us with, has unfairly placed us between our moral obligation to do what is right for our future and environment, and our inclinations for consuming animal protein. Carrying on in ignorance or apathy has been empirically proven to assert that we are fast approaching an inescapable downfall to the harmony our delicately susceptible Earth balances upon.


English 102


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