Hye Tae Kim

Publication Date

Fall 2016

Faculty Supervisor

Amber Landis


In this student work, the author discusses the reunification of North and South Korea. The Republic of Korea’s president Park Geun Hye said “Reunification is the jackpot!” (qtd. in Park, my trans. par. 2). Recently, the global economy and individual countries’ economies are settling, without any major changes in the economies. Also, economic levels of countries are calculated and graded, and there have not been drastic changes for years. However, there are sometimes unexpected events which affect every economy and individual a lot, and the reunification of South Korea and North Korea is one of them. The reunification will recover wounded heart of people and will improve economy at the same time. Many scholars expect the reunification to be significantly beneficial to global economy. Reunification will have true economic benefits to South Korea’s economy, to North Korea’s economy, and to the global economy.


English as a Second Language 102


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