Publication Date

Spring 2018

Faculty Supervisor

Lewis Metcalf


Since China's reform and opening up, through the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, the gross domestic product (GDP) of China's economy developed rapidly in 2010, which became the second largest economy after the United States. After World War II, Japan's economy also developed rapidly through a series of economic restructuring. The basic situation of China and Japan is very different. China has a large population and rich land resources. Compared with China, Japan has a small population and a shortage of land resources. The GDP of the two countries is the second and third in the world respectively. This article will analyze the similarities and differences of the economic structure adjustment between China and Japan in terms of GDP, structure of employment, changes in import and export trade and economic policy. At the same time, the future development trend of economic structure in China will also be forecasted.


Economics 101


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