Publication Date

Spring 2018

Faculty Supervisor

David Wilson


This experiment was a two generation test cross (from F0 to F1 and F1 to F2) to check the patterns of inheritance and their chi-square significance. Wild-type males and females were paired with the opposite sex of the two mutant groups -- Sepia eyes and White eyes. The pairing thus resulted in 4 tube conditions. Generations were counted and identified by sex and phenotype -- Wild-type or Mutant. The next generation was seeded with approximately 6 - 8 individuals from each sex and released once the next generation reached their pupal phase. Fresh tubes were seeded between F1 and F2. Identifying these patterns give us a tried and true method of determining future phenotypes and specific genetic patterns like recessive, dominant, and sex-linked traits. This basic experiment also serves as a baseline experiment to help others in the class with their Drosophila experiments and the data will be shared including several diagrams of inheritance patterns and gene expression.


Biology 141-002


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