Publication Date

Spring 2019

Faculty Supervisor

Lucy Busker


This research project is about identifying if there is a problem with the current justice system on how prosecutors handle pleas and the impact they have with their sole discretionary power. Prosecutors have been shown to hold an unbalanced amount of power and leave the system unjust. Focusing on the legal, moral and ethical standings that prosecutors should follow and whether or not the acts that some prosecutors use break those principles. The American Bar Association has set up specific guidelines for prosecutors to follow, however they may be too broad and thus allow them to manipulate the system with surreptitious tactics that allow them to unfavorably sway cases into their favors without factoring in whether the defendant is guilty or not. The second problem is there is no limit to the amount of charges they can rack up on an individual to increase the amount of time they would spend in jail.


English 102


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