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Spring 2016


The research conducted was about monitoring blood glucose levels with exercise with respect to meal timing. It has been hypothesized that with short bouts of high intensity exercise, one can raise their blood glucose levels because in acute response to high intensity exercise. Previous research has shown that with long bouts of exercise while fasting you can lower blood glucose levels. This study is testing the meal timing from fasting to right before the exercise and also eating one and two hours before combined with a 50 minute moderate to high intensity workout, keeping the heart rate in zones 3- 5, which is around 70%-100% Of their VO2 Max, which was tested by using An H7 sensor. The research population ranged from male to female, and ages from 19-39 year old college students. The test is administered before the workout and after the workout. There is hope that with enough data we can support that an individual can increase glycogen levels when eating at the perfect time for increased muscle capacity, but also how you can lower blood glucose levels with different types of exercise when fasting. This info will be very beneficial to people who suffer from diabetes, or even athletes who was to optimize performance.


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