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Spring 2017


Four active collegiate level students were asked to participate in a 3 day study, conducted in a strict environment. These students were required to perform the same exact exercise each day at the same time upon waking on an empty stomach following a fasted sleep. All individuals performed the exercise at 7:00 AM. On day one, the participant was to perform the exercise with no caffeine consumption. The following day, the participant was to drink one cup of coffee and perform the required exercise. On the last day of the experiment, each participant drank two cups of coffee before the exercise was performed. The exercise was one mile of walking on a flat treadmill at a speed of 3.5mph. These individuals were wearing a Garmin fitness watch and the heart rate strap that was included in the packaging. Immediately following exercise, these individuals took note of both their heart rate and calories burned. The basis of this study is to show the effects of caffeine on calorie burn and heart rate fluctuation. Following this study, it is important to note that all four participants showed a slight increase in both calories burned and heart rate following the required exercise on each day. The average calories burned with no caffeine was 109.25 and a heart rate of 103 beats per minute. When one cup of coffee was consumed by each individual, the average readings were 118.5 calories burned and a heart rate of 110.25 beats per minute. On the third and final day, the averages were 123.75 calories burned and a heart rate of 120 beats per minute. Thus, proving that caffeine consumption before exercise can help increase heart rate and in return burn more calories. This information can be especially helpful to all individuals trying to lose weight.


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