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Fall 2015


As the saying goes, “A book holds a golden house.” This old Chinese proverb indicates that learning the wisdom that is shown in writing can lead to success. Therefore, in my home country, China, teachers always use this sentence to encourage students to study hard in order to achieve high scores. However, an interesting fact in the majority of families in my hometown is that only textbooks are considered to be useful while novels are considered to be unorthodox and a distraction to one’s studies. In most parents’ minds, reading novels is a waste of time so that they forbid their children to do so. Fortunately, this is not what my parents thought. In my growing process, this unique form of writing—long fiction—played an essential role. Although I have read various types of novels, all of them have significantly influenced my view of the world; writing improved my moral consciousness and helped me learn to look beyond the appearance to perceive the essence.


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This essay was originally written as an assignment for ESL 101 at Parkland College before being submitted for award consideration.



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