PRECS 2019

PRECS 2019


PRECS is a program designed to provide community college students with authentic research experiences in the area of phenotypic plasticity, the phenomenon of a single genotype producing multiple phenotypes depending on the environment.

Parkland's Dr. C. Britt Carlson and Dr. Nathan Schroeder of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, are the program's creators. PRECS is a three-year program funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 2019 is the third year of the program.

Students present their research at their home community colleges as well as at Illinois Summer Research Symposium on the University of Illinois campus. This collection contains their work as well as participant videos captured during the research process.




Comparative Efficacy of Novel Endolysins in Queso Fresco, Daniella Smith, Maxwell J. Holle, and Dr. Michael Miller


Construction of a Tn5 mutant library in Xanthomonas cucurbitae, Keirsten Kline, Rikky Rai, and Sarah R. Hind


Direct Impacts of Heat Stress on Illinois Soybeans, Jessica O'Connor, Charles Burroughs, and Lisa Ainsworth


Effects of Mycorrhizae on Struvite Dissolution Can plant-fungus mutualism increase the viability of a sustainable phosphorus fertilizer?, Isako Battista Di Tomassi, Erinn Dady, Neha Chatterjee, and Andrew Margenot


Effects of Systemic Influenza Infection on Remyelination in an Animal Model, Isiah Ramos, Allison Louie, and Andrew Steelman


Fungal Endophytes Interact with Endophytic Yeast Isolated from Soybean Leaves, Baldemar Basurto, Natalie Christian, and Katy Heath


Plasticity or local adaptation?: Survival of L. parva larvae in varying salinity, Kaitlyn Cortez, Lauren McDaniel, and Becky Fuller


Stress Induced Remodeling in the Nematode C. elegans, Becky Rose, Rebecca Androwski, and Nathan E. Schroeder


Verification of Successful Kainic Acid Injections in a Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Mouse Model, Adrian J. Garcia, Robbie J. Ingram, and Catherine A. Christian


Precs Participant: Adrian Garcia, Adrian Garcia and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Baldemar Basurto, Baldemar Basurto and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Becky Rose, Becky Rose and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Daniella Smith, Daniella Smith and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Erinn Dady, Erinn Dady and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Isako Di Tomassi, Isako Di Tomassi and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Isiah Ramos, Isiah Ramos and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Jessica O’Connor, Jessica O'Connor and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Jessica Trueblood, Jessica Trueblood and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Justina Lee, Justina Lee and Parkland College

Precs Participant: Kaitlyn Cortez, Kaitlyn Cortez and parkland college

Precs Participant: Keirsten Kline, Keirsten Kline