PRECS 2022


PRECS is a program designed to provide community college students with authentic research experiences in the area of phenotypic plasticity, the phenomenon of a single genotype producing multiple phenotypes depending on the environment.

Parkland's Dr. C. Britt Carlson and Dr. Nathan Schroeder of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, are the program's creators. PRECS is a three-year program funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 2019 is the third year of the program.

Students present their research at their home community colleges as well as at Illinois Summer Research Symposium on the University of Illinois campus. This collection contains their work as well as participant videos captured during the research process.




Bacterial Metabolism of Glucosinolates from Brassica: Association with Isothiocyanate Production, Stephanie Thomas, Jiaxuan Li, and Michael J. Miller


Concentrating on Carbon Concentration in Algae, Chandra Davies and Steven Burgess


Exploration of Squash Plant Floral Volatiles Influencing Beetle Attraction, Olivia Barrett, Nicholas Seiter, Esther Ngumbi, Joseph Spencer, and Sarah Hind


Exploring Amaranth’s Color Palette: Linking Phenotype, Plant Adaptation, and Human Health, Sarah Redman and Chance Riggins Ph.D.


How to Quantify Female Mate Preference in Threespine Stickleback, Kaithren Garcia, Megan Tucker, Meghan Maciejewski, Usan Dan, and Alison M. Bell


Intra- and Interspecific Variation in Tadpole Lateral Line Cells, Sarah Porth, Lisa Surber, and Eva Fischer


Polinators in Peril - Are Illinois Native Bees Getting Smaller?, Anthony Lamb, Tristan Barley, and Adam Dolezal


Stressed Out: Why Does Ancient Maize Thrive in High-Stress Conditions?, Alexander C. Lozano, Aaron Mleziva, and Esther Ngumbi


The Effects of Temperature Changes on Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates (How Climate Change May Affect Our Ocean's Raves), Kayleigh X. Ambrose, Molly Fleming, and Carla Caceres


PRECS Participant: Anthony Lamb, Anthony Lamb

PRECS Participant: Chandra Davies, Chandra Davies

PRECS Participant: Kaithren Garcia, Kaithren Garcia

PRECS Participant: Kayleigh Ambrose, Kayleigh Ambrose

PRECS Participant: Olivia Barrett, Olivia Barrett

PRECS Participant: Richard Carr, Richard Carr

PRECS Participant: Sarah Porth, Sarah Porth

PRECS Participant: Sarah Redman, Sarah Redman

PRECS Participant: Stephanie Thomas, Stephanie Thomas