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Spring 2023


  • Mutualism is an interaction in which two organisms benefit from each other.
  • The symbiotic relationship between the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti and the plant Medicago truncatula is dictated by the bacterial plasmids.
  • The Heath lab has a collection of 191 Sinorhizobium meliloti strains with different symbiotic plasmids that vary across populations (Riley et al., 2022).
  • Each strain can be a better or worse partner for its plant host in symbiosis with the variation in fitness being called partner quality (Fig. 1)
  • These traits can be traced back to the genetic elements that underlie this effect (Batstone et al.,
  • These genetic elements can be found in gene clusters that are gained or loss across strains (Fig. 1; Riaz, Sosa Marquez, in prep.).

We need assurances of these important and variable clusters presence to understand their mechanism of gene movement


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