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Summer 2017


Rising global temperatures affect our food supply. Heat stress could negatively affect photosynthesis, plant development, and flower and pod production. The research summarized in this poster aims to better understand which physiological processes in soybeans are negatively affected by heat stress in order to identify targets for future soybean production. Using infrared heat arrays, two different cultivars of Illinois soybeans are continually heated. Throughout the experiment, data is collected on photosynthesis, leaf area index, and overall productivity of the plant. At the end of the growing season, all of the soybean plants will be harvested and their biomass will be collected. These measurements will show direct effects of heat on photosynthesis, plant growth, reproductive development, and yield. Physiological results from plants will be used to calibrate a crop model (CLM-APSIM model1) to further demonstrate how heat stress will impact soybean productivity across the Midwest U.S.


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Research contained in this poster has been conducted through the Ainsworth Lab at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



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