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MEET YOUR CANDIDATES; Elections This Week; The Candidates and Their Platforms; The Editor's View; Letters to the Editor; Eastern Revises Policy; Candidates to Speak; Phase II Construction; Susie Speaks; Notes of Interest; Play Try-Outs; LRC Notice; McKendree College; T-Shirts; Dream Museum; Ice Skating Party; Illinois Grant; Community Theatre; Health Service Meeting; Free Swimming; Veteran's; New Registration Line Confusing but Effective in the Long Run; Volunteer Counseling Program; Southern to Hold JC Day; Legal Pot?; Paul's Back!--Will be Guest Contributor; Plays & Movies; Kevin Tells it Like it is on Environment; Meat Contaminated with DES!; Whales in Pet Food?; Cobra's Upset Danville; National Caliber Track; Hart Beat; "Get High On Sports, Not Drugs"





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Prospectus, January 18, 1972

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