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CHILD CARE PASSES FACULTY SENATE; PC News in Brief: Josh Is Coming, Transfer to U of I?, LRC Workshops, Pharmacy Trends; Gee, Smallman wins; Small Turnout; editorials; Letters To The Editor; Thanks Gary!; Roots & Radicals; Health Brochures Available; Peace Corps Needs Volunteers; Make Your Junk Attractive; The King in C-U; Good News; Josh is coming!; Women's Column; Parkland Loses $; foto funnies; Storage without refrigeration; Vinyl Love; Sports Views; Football Results; Coaches' Corner; Volleyball Needs Organization; On the road; Cross Country Schedule 1975; Fast Freddy's football forecast; Fast Freddy winners announced; Jocks; Women's Volleyball Schedule; Faculty team finishes 2nd; Aluminum Hub and All; Dear Bonnie; Poems; Classified; Country Bouquet; Schedule Of Coming Events; Bicentennial Contest; Your garage sale price to sell; Far Out Planet; Skylines; Parkland faculty; Enrollment At P/C Up; Club Notes: Park-Rec Society, Lambda Alpha, Veterans, Catholic Singles





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Prospectus, September 23, 1975

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