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THOMPSON, FORD WIN PROSPECTUS POLL; College Board: Energy Systems bids rejected; $55,000 budget: Radio within 1 year; Parking, proposals Stu-Go subjects; Format changes; Onarga requests annexation; PC news in brief: Library cuts Saturday service, Sweet tooths Candy lovers and kind of heart Parkland Sociological Association; Hunting Symposium; made simple: Parkluns own Suthin Elnoy lection yar dictnary; God endows gifts; Staff editorial: Revolution 180 years overdue; Brazilian pianist Prado here Nov. 8; All new: Debate getting ready; Former editor: Hansen speaks on journalism; U of I brings forgeign students to Parkland; Vets get 8% increase; Marcella Rose: 'Away from the Wilderness', novel and history; Praxis given to PATH; 10 years gone: Parkland 'one of nation's finest': Dr. Staerkel; Mediaseen: The more you hear, the less you mind; Lower Prospectus editor; Practicum students work at News-Gazette; Music review: Dizzy still playing strong; Tonight at 8:30; Womanhouse today; Uncle Bob: William Butler Yeats' 'Cuchulian Cycle' opens Wed.; Council will bring sculptor Forbes to PC; Classifieds; Cobra's Corner: Old joke: Athletic bus 'disaster' for Parkland; Cross-country team takes third; Studs look tough; Lincolnland Movers --stars; Spikers still undefeated in conf. after 2 wins; Duffers third in final conference match with 338; Hall is Fast Freddy victor; Mudrock leads Cobras; Fast Freddy's Football Forecast; Games of October 30





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Prospectus, October 26, 1976

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