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CHRISTMAS EDITION; Have fun with your performance; Staff attends conference; PC Happenings; Children's shows Dec. 15 and 16; Lifelong Learner Club meets; How important is blood?; Absenteeism attacks Stu-Go; Journey through Metamorphosis; Holiday traditions remembered; Where are the police when you need them?; Meter Maids Yes or No; Parkland security; Project Joy; Illegal entry; Winter shelter helps homeless; Try one of Champaign's specialty shops; Branch out-try a new recipe; Christmas customs vary world-wide; Love, sex, friendship and college how well do they mix; Photography contest judging draws hopeful, interested, and anxious crowd; And the winners are...; More winners; Christmas Greetings; What did you think of the Prospectus this semester?; But I have patience; Beginning; Richard dedicates Christmas album to Karen; Vaughan rivals Hendrix as guitar great; P.A.L. will listen; German class films videotape; Festival of lights; Vriners, Vintage Champaign's oldest restaurant; 2010 is stupendous; Catch a movie during break; Talking Heads make sense; Clifton, Pumphrey, Mullens gain honors; Prospectus looks back at 1984 fall sports; Phillips learned a great deal from 'E-Man'; Chesnut, Chastain share similar position; Broken records inevitable for men's track...; ...Women strike similar parallel to men; Women spring past Danville on the road; Lady Cobras defeat Lincoln College, 66-56





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Prospectus, December 12, 1984

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