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STUDENTS ASSUME A NEWLY-VISIBLE PARTY ROLE; News Digest; Letter from the editor Dissatisfied? Do something about it, more action, less talk!; PC Happenings; Lifelong Learner Club begins year; Women's health series begins Sept. 18; Blood drive announced; Dr. Boucek speaks Sept.18; Nurse Assistant course offered; Reagan?-Mondale?-Ah!-Snoopy!; Save a Tree contest; Urbana Senior Citizen's Center; IOC lists events for fall; Fall calendar for IOC; StuGo announces 7 movies; "You can't be insecure in a position of leadership."; Did You Know...; WPCD-FM Parkland's own action airway; Creative Corner... Especially for you!!; The Kite; Doom Story-Nnnnnooooooo!!!; Psychotic Bargin; Charm; She Don't Know Me; The Little Red Dog; Students take time out to enjoy Fall-In '84; Fall-in '84 a success; Social Service Agencies reach out to help; Study shows pounds sneak up each year; Classifieds; Homosexual-Heterosexual relationships very similar; "88 Rock"-top ten singles; One woman's story; King creates something different; "The Mikado" returns to Krannert; Promoting beyond the top ten; For a good laugh read Erma Bombeck; Missing Persons perform; Wealth hides horror; Fast Freddy contest; Intramural Program thrives on flexibility, student needs; Lady Cobras spike-I.V., Kaskaskia





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Prospectus, September 12, 1984

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