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HOPE FOR SATISFYING, REWARDING EXPERIENCE AND BEST YEAR EVER FROM PRESIDENT STAERKEL; PC Happenings; Fall-In 1984-Join us for the big fall kick-off; Student Services-to supplement your studies with practical experience; Herbsleb honored; Voter Registration deadline Oct. 2 at Parkland; Campus Services...Day and Evening; Warm Welcome to Parkland; Awareness of diverse individual needs basis for expanding support systems/self-help groups; Black Student Association BSA's priority is on teaching black history and culture to everyone; Champaign County N.O.W. reaches out to new woman; Homosexual, heterosexuals strive for understanding of each other in C-U Gay and Lesbian Illini; One right way and plenty of wrong ways to offer help to the disabled; Champaign County Mental Health Center available to all; Prospectus staff enjoys opportunity for creativeness, camaraderie, challenge, and extended family; Mike Dubson, Reporter, Autobiographical; Autobiographical Jeanene Edmison; Parkland News Editor, Office Manager; Autobiographical James E. Costa, Reporter; Advice from the Duodenum; "Profiles in Courage" The unsung heroes of Parkland College student workers smooth the way; The Dead Zone will make your skin crawl; Students now feel free to turn down a drink; Trolley's broaden early residents' lives; Champaign offers variety with 37 parks/ 480 acres; Urbana has total of 22 parks covering 400 acres; Black voters turn out in record numbers; Which system produces better candidates?; Community musicians welcome to join groups at Parkland; Champaign-Urbana retains glimpses of yesteryear with charming older homes; Champaign culture; Arts school has widespread reputation; Don't miss Missing Persons; Good ol' days were fun; Celebrate; Parkland's new baseball coach: Tom Dedin, Jr.; Certain traits typical for world-class distance runner/athletics





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Prospectus, August 27, 1984

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