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BARKSTALL TALKS ABOUT DISCRIMINATION; News Digest; This is Karyn's chance: and nothing will stop her!!; Scream and run--best self defense; PC Happenings: Workshop for radiologic technologists, SIU counselor at Parkland, Parkland play to open; Fear, anger, guilt and confusion: Common feelings after rape; StuGo conducting survey; 1984 motorcycle courses; Fall Registration; Did You Know...; The changing face of Women's Lib: Working with and through the system; 'Harry and Son' warm and touching......; Run--'Just for the health of it'; Parkland student helps disaster effort; School prayer debate continues; 'Yes' appears at Assembly Hall; Creative Corner...Especially for you!!: Rain, Window Watching, We begin our lives as tiny..., The sun's golden rays..., Climbing the Mountain, We are alone in this world..., He was only joking..., Used Too, You can't stop rock-'n-roll..., The prison of my mind..., I am too younf to feel so worn and tired..., Living hard and fast..., Don't get me wrong..., I can never forget...; Champaign County in the middle of a tornado belt; Tornado prevention; Classifieds; "YES" concert proves to be big disappointment; Skating projects emotion; 'Splash' wildly funny entertainment; WILL hosts telecourse; Orioles to repeat; Class A results; Lady Cobras finish third; Cobras eliminated; 1984 Parkland College Baseball Roster; Wet grounds hamper softball; Chargers ready for the Hall; I.M. News





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Prospectus, March 22, 1984

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