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CONGRESS RETURNS TO A 'MOST IMPORTANT' STUDENT AID DEBATE; News Digest; Four paintings stolen from Parkland; 'Job Training and Partnership Act': JTPA 'good opportunity for dedicated'; PC Happenings: TV programs for busy parents, Parkland announces registration, Polish folk arts at Parkland; Sargent talks to Lifelong Learners' Club; Yaxley scholarship; Stu-Go News; 'Planned Parenthood'--pro choice organization; In the Library--Paperbacks; Nolen enjoys differences; What is Sadie Hawkins Day?; Did You Know...; Scholarship news for real estate students; Tuexdo styles are changing; What did you thinnk of the Grammy Awards?; Classifieds; 'Good looking coed' hunt draws lots of photos; Urbana construction will increase; Learning to relax can kill stress; 'Women's History Week' honored; Parkland Christian Fellowship to sponsor conference; Weather conditions force closing; Math contest at Parkland; Financia; aid for summer and fall; The latest in swimwear; 'Western look' changing; Creative Corner...Especially for you!!: Believe..., Creed, Dream, The End, Darkness...; All Up to Me, Listening to an old..., Father to Son, How to know just what is real..., For Larry, "Hi, I'm crazy"...; Bite the Bullet, Answer, Why can't we see?, Love sparked nu the heat of summer...,Keg, A low rumble starts..., Oh, Mothers..., Has the human race forgot to look at a sunset..., I tried to play your game..., You've let me down...; Jackson leads the way at this year's Grammy awards; Dexter--valuable asset; $50,000 and silence 'cheap way for MSU to avoid lawsuit'; In the Library--; Channel 12 fund drive stresses 'TV worth paying for'; Woody Allen's latest hilarious; 'Foghat' hits C/U March 18; Predictions for the upcoming Academy Awards; 'Big Country' to appear; 'Full Metal Jacket' talent search; 'The Right Stuff' finally opens in area; Energetic movie should do well; Baseball Schedule; Bank president--NFL referee; High School Notes; Softball Schedule; Cobra baseball to start; Women win tournament; Lake Land advances in sectional; Mens basketball scores; I.M. News; Cobra men advance to sectional; Cobras end up with last year's record; Tae Kwon Do showed display; Cooper remembers 6 good years; First basketball coach tells how it was; NJCAA meet





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Prospectus, March 7, 1984

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