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Adapted from the book THAT TAKES OVARIES! BOLD FEMALES AND THEIR BRAZEN ACTS a collection of real-life experiences and first-person narratives edited by Rivka Solomon

Director: Randi Jennifer Collins Hard Assistant Director: Emily Collins Hard Scenic Designer: Adam Rowe Lighting Designer: Bernard Wolff Technical Director: David G. Dillman

January 26, 27, and 28 at 8 p.m. January 29 at 3 p.m. Parkland College Theatre 2006

This production of That Takes Ovaries! for Parkland College Theatre is a special adaptation of the That Takes Ovaries! play or book allowable by special permission by the book editor.


Preaching to the Convicted: K.J. McKinnie
Slapshot off the Rink: Rachel Ladd*
Paying For It: Sarah Miller
First Pride: Liz Thorpe
Courage at the End: Claire Barker
Nothing From Nobody: Megan Mitchell
Big Beauty: Magnolia Clark
Charmed, I'm Sure: Bethanie Alene Benshen
Double Whammy and the top ten adventures to having both breasts removed:
Sharon John Weiland, Bekkah Horner*, Hannah Doty*, Claire Cowley*,
Magnolia Clark, Shannon Renee Chatman, LeCloma Riley, K.J. McKinnie,
Pamela Collins VanWyk, Liz Thorpe, Rhonda Marie Bynum
Not Minding My Own Business: Claire Cowley*
Just Don't Do It: Bekkah Horner*
High School Gauntlet: Katrina Hill
Amen for Sneaky Women: Lauren Barnes
Educating Bill Clinton: Pamela Collins VanWyk
Stage Presence: Ania Hreczuch
Nine Days to Change the World: Jessica Long, Bethanie Alene Benshen
Yay for Hairy Women!: Hannah Doty*
Hands On, Hands Off: Carol Perhach
Divine Perfection: Shannon Renee Chatman
No Screwing Around: Rhonda Marie Bynum
Saving Mommy: LeCloma Riley
Triumph of the Amazon Queen: LaDonna Wilson

*Theatre Scholarship student

Publication Date

Spring 1-26-2006

Production Year


Theatre Location

Harold and Jean Miner Theatre


Champaign, IL


ovaries, 2006


Theatre and Performance Studies

That Takes Ovaries!


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