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MIX-UPS' THE CAUSE: ELECTION VOID, NEW DATES FEB. 16, 17; Last day for absentee balloting is Feb. 10; Drop thermostat to 63 degrees: Night cycle to save gas; Most qualified Health Career students selected by Admissions; Fraternity discusses goals for semester; Stranded for seven hours: Denny aids children; Daytona Beach vacation offered; Extra! Global News; 'Pins' have 90-day trial period; 'Official blizzard' is verdict on weather; Calculator aids blind; The Midwest Racer: PC students publish racing newspaper; Three very interested: Counselors want students to use services; While geese hold still: Winter coats get down; Marshall Tucker makes crowd go; State honors Parkland instructor; editorial: Vote YES Feb. 15 for quality education; opinion: Back to school at 30, Lex says continuing education gets his referendum YES vote; Riggs-o-boards are student made; William Warfield: A voice as rich as the river itself; Mediaseen: Critics: TV the toy that never grew up; fifth column: Greek tragedy at Krannert.....; .....complicated plot shows Greek rabbits; Classifieds; 2-2 conference mark: Cobras drop three-meet Danville tonight; 'Top-notch competition' in Kalamazoo meet; Women's Basketball Statistics; Men's Intramural Basketball Schedule; 'A tough one!' Undefeated women's team face Danville; Too big to play guard, Bumbry plays forward; Cobra cagers draw Olney February 21





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Prospectus, February 8, 1977



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