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Teachers and educational institutions are currently experiencing a perfect storm: We must teach more students in a wider variety of course formats, appropriately support student learning, and also document student progress towards reaching learning objectives. But often, we must achieve these goals with fewer resources, less support and little training. Importantly, a practical approach called Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning can help us address these new challenges. First, this session will provide information about several evidence-based pedagogical techniques shown to improve student learning, including low-stakes repeated testing. Then we will move beyond theoretical ideas to provide examples of how an Introductory Psychology program easily incorporated evidence-based techniques in our classes along with embedded assessment tools. Finally, the session will show how using evidence-based teaching and learning improved our pedagogical practices in Introductory Psychology and helped us obtain direct evidence about student performance and learning. In sum, evidence-based teaching and learning provides theoretical and practical ways for teachers to use research-supported pedagogies to augment student educational experiences.


Presentation given at Texas Community College Teachers Association Annual Convention on Saturday, February 8, 2014.


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