The Ethnographies of Parkland Student Life project is part of the Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI) housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, that also includes the participation of courses from Illinois State and Parkland College, and which engages students to research their own colleges and universities. In addition to the course requirements, each Parkland student participating in the project is also required to present their findings at the initiative's bi-annual student conference. The ethnography research project results at all three institutions take the form of research reports and/or multimedia presentations in digital audio or video which are archived online to form a repository documenting college community life. For more information on EUI and the Anthropology Program at Parkland, contact Dr. Isabel Scarborough.


Submissions from 2016

Evolution of Theater at Parkland College, Joshua Boone, Andrew Smith, and Karen Wilkinson

Gauging Student Levels of Comfort and Approachability, Klairyn Karmazinas, Remy Kaskel, and Hannah Li

An Ethnography of Parkland College Students and Their Views on Politics, Chumin Wu, Jacob Estes, and Kyra Francois

Submissions from 2015

Cell Phones and the Intrapersonal Communication Bubble, Caleb Anderson, Devon Miller, and Logan Moore

Ethnography of Group Relations at Parkland, Alex Chenoweth, Aaron Kopp, Kaleb Luebchow, and Samuel Sheehan

Misconnected Due to Technology, LaShaunda Craft, Sharon F. Nava, Kelsey Parker, and Laura Schultz

How Friendships are Formed at Parkland College, Kelly Martinez, Jessica Stanze, and Jelisa Terrell

Submissions from 2014

Parkland College Women and Their Choice of Clothing, Hayley Arends, Todd Banbury, and Kenna Mae Reiss

The Development of Student Relationships at Parkland College, Christian Brutlag, Carol Drozdzal, LaRyssa Randall, and Julie Ann Scherer

Parking Customs and Status at Parkland College, Briana Davisson, Helaman Montes-Lucas, and Zachary Smith

Perception of Tattoos at Parkland College, Ellen Frazer, Bailea Herbert, Andrew A. Lee, and Kelsey Markou

Body Image and Hair Style Decisions for Parkland College Students, Michelle Levine, Eliott Lugo, Nicholas B. Scott, and Danielle Williams

Submissions from 2013

International Students at Parkland, Genevieve Cox and Blake Gibbons

How Students Greet and Meet at Parkland, Hannah Fink and Kendall Knox

Community Service and Educational Excellence, Aaron Hoyle-Katz, Katheryne Arnold, and Richard Ford

"Clothes" Call: How We Get Ready, Meridith Koch, Colten Jackson, and Ciara Reilly

Transitioning from Parkland Community College to University, John Murphy, F. Julian Anastasia, James Baskis, and Lani Panhnavong

An Ethnographic Study of Asian International and Asian American Students Attending Parkland College, Danielle Veign, Jaryn Lankford, Destiny Coffey, and Thomas Hardwick